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This is a very interesting and eye-opener talk from Peter Diamandis, the famous visionary and space entrepreneur. It maybe is not the best TEDTalks, but I'm pretty sure one of the best there is on the topic of futurism. A glimpse of near future. A peek of what is going on in the big laboratories and innovation world. 

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Hey guys, it's been long since I write. Well, today I actually have nothing much to say rather just to share a good website. I've been following a class on Game Theory by Professor Yoav Shoam and Matthew Jackson, both of Stanford University, on Coursera.org - a website that organizes free courses. It was great. Not only u can watch and listen to the lecture, there's even lab for the topics, exercises, and study group that has been conducted by the lecturers. Hey, I've got no chance to join Stanford, why would I miss at least learning to some of their professors, right? And this is a good website for those who are willing to learn but did not have much opportunity to learn what they want to. I mean, I'm in Jordan - to join different classes of my interest than medical classes - require me good grasp of Arabic language. I need to know all the terms in Arabic, because in my uni, lecturers talk in Arabic. So, not medical (which is taught in English)? Little hard as I need to widen my vocabulary first before I can widen my knowledge. So guys, check the website out! They have number of courses lined up. You may like one. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that, in the end of the Game Theory course, they have had final exams, and those who passed (above 70) got electronic certificate for the course. Oh well, I did not take the exam yet as I myself did not finish the course yet.  :) 


https://www.coursera.org/course/gametheory is the page for Game Theory course.

Oh yeah, Game Theory is not theory of gaming - online gaming or PES or FIFA or Tekken whatsoever. It rather is mathematical modeling of strategic interaction among rational and irrational agents - beyon what we call games in common language - it includes politics, stock market, nature interaction, everything. I mean everything. Have u watched A Beautiful Mind movie? Yeah, that genius John Nash guy was working on this theory. 

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Hey readers! 

As for now, I am considering to write again all of my travelling experiences, but I'm considering few matters before doing it. And some of them are; 

 As I've somewhere around 5 or 6 trips, (to Iran, Syria, Lebanon, KSA, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Turkey and some more - or more if considering some small trips - well, for some a month is even small but let me do justice here, for most, it's not) altogether not been written down yet, and even the first one that supposed to be online, not even finished yet, so how do u like it more, for me to finish the first one and to write the latest one and going backwards accordingly or just write those trips in a timeline. 

Which language do u think is better? English or Malay? And no, I won't write it in Arabic as "I sound stupid when I speak Arabic!" Even more when I write! :)

Oh well, I probably do sound self-centered here, like, like anybody cares about my blog and travelling and so on. Seriously, I'm going to write my experiences for myself in the first place, as reminiscing tool. Because I found that the experiences and memories fading away too fast - that travelling just going to be a loss of money - even more when I was travelling alone. To read it again in the future - well, maybe worth it. But sharing some allowable (yes, allowable, i use that word strongly! :) ) stories is not bad right? 

But again, I'm just doing some consideration on my own. Your ideas and suggestion will be welcomed. 

And for those who are interested ( I doubt if there's any) in reading my travelling experiences, they are coming soon.. :)