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This article had already been written two weeks ago. Just my ............. reckoned me from doing so. Prepared for MARA interview, attended the interview and for my next Petronas interview, huh...what such a fatigueness. Yes, still I got "my time". But, relax la dulu....letih ni...


Last 2 days, I watched Fitna the dumbest movie ever, by Geert Wilders (Wilders???? just like, "Orang-orang Liar"???), a very provocative one. This 15 minutes short film (yeah??? but, what I watched before was about 10 minutes...perhaps it was not the full version one) was so annoying and could make your blood started to boil, even for a non-hearted people.Maybe, that made most of the Moslem all over the world to react against this film.

This film, till now, was the worst film that I ever watched, in any context. I said, any. Geert Wilders is trying to told the world that Islam is a very dangerous idealism, that need to be demolished as if Islam is at the same level with Nazism and Communism. A very dangerous one! There is no other motive , just to offend the Moslem, trying to create a greater wave of "Islamophobia" and for sure, to provoke you (if you are a Moslem) to do something that seems like violence.

By the time I watched that film, I felt like to voice out my anger too, to do something like street demonstration too and to do the boycott against Dutch products too. Yes, I felt so. And perhaps, you may feel so. That what I felt first. But ,wait. Is it worth to do so? Think again.

After doing some reading in this vast Internet city, I felt that to be a noble gas that is a "non-reacted matter" to this dumb story is far away better than doing such emotional reaction. What I mean here is not be an ignorant person who are never thought about his/her religion or to be a person that only exist in this world, not even live a life, a person that just only think of him/herself and their life only. That is not what I'm trying to say.

But, what I would like to question here is there any better reaction to be taken other than BOYCOTT??? BOYCOTT is not something like watching football games, or something like to make report to the police about a dead person. It is greater than that, or better I would like to say it could make a disaster. Yeah, that what most of the people want, a disaster against the reluctant Holland. But wait, is it Holland "the one" that are reluctant. If we are going to say Holland, it would be the whole of it, including the Moslem community.

If this kind of rebel had been done when Denmark government launched (???) our Prophet Muhammad's caricature, YES, I TOTALLY AGREE! But, this time, it is not Holland as one who made Fitna, the forever Fitna... It was only Geert The Orang-orang Liar, who want to raise his publicity all over the world. This kinda of "stupid thing" should be left behind. Don't even take care of him.

But, for sure, I am here do not totally against any type of activities that you want to perform in order to bring back Islam. (yeah???), because I totally believe that every action are right and nothing is wrong, BUT, it depends to the reason, effects and for sure settings. Simpler words, it depends. However, please handle this issue in the way that you can handle yourself at the same time. Do not manage this issue in tne way that you cannot manage your way of thinking. Better said, rational and not emotional.

For better explaination, try check this out at Saifulislam.com or this Saifulislam.com. Perhaps, my negative sides will make my words unclear.

p/s: Some editting been done khas utk org macam Aiman, yang tak nak baca perkataan "two weeks" kat atas tu.

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Azalakapoor said... @ April 14, 2008 at 9:42 AM

kelakar gile muke geert yg ko amik ni! hahaha~~

harizhazwan said... @ April 14, 2008 at 11:40 AM

ntah, dy bajet cute....

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