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This is my first attempt to post my article in English. Yet, I have wondering to do so before. But, it was only that lack of self-confidence that prone me from doing so. If I told you, that the highest mark that I got for my English 1119 paper before the real SPM 2007 paper was ** (for trial exam), you may understand why. My English is worst when it comes to writing, yet I can speak. But, writing? You know how. By the way, a credit to my English teacher, Miss Nurazlin Zainalaluddin for her willingness to teach me.

However, how unconfident I am, I know that, it will go nowhere because it is one of my principles that if there is no first step, there'll be no next step. ( Or, what I always told my self in this sentence, "Tak try, tak pandai"). So, I have to start from now on. If it is not now, when it should be, right?


Last 3 days, as usual, my body stuck in front of this computer, surfing Internet. Just wandered around, as if nothing else can be done in this world. I was about dying of boredom, had a glance at Yahoo! Messenger, and was quite attracted to those my friends' status, revealed that they were so boring.

Hakim (Ameluddin) :Kenapalah kebosanan muncul pada waktu yang tidakku sangka -sangka?
Fikri Indra :Incridible Boredom
Me myself :Kebosanan bisa merosakkan otak dan melemahkan sendi-sendi serta sarafku.
Ammar Rosli : Hargailah kebosanan kawan-kawan kerana apabila masuk belajar semula kita sudah tidak ada peluang untuk bosan dan lepak-lepak.

ooo, Ammar, thanks anyway.

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arEnA said... @ April 11, 2008 at 4:45 PM

biasa la..english bukan primary language kt..student U pun ade yng x berapa ok..lecturer pun ade yng tunggang langgang..it's a nature..

harizhazwan said... @ April 12, 2008 at 5:34 PM

huh...lecturer tunggang langgang,
sy tunggang tbalik...

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