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I've read a best-seller book "Lahirnya Seorang Jutawan (Bagaimana untuk Menjadi Pekerja Jutawan)" by Azizi Ali, one who wrote Jutawan dari Planet Jupiter! And, damn! I don't have any other better words to describe this book. I feel like so stingy to say that this book is great. Oh Azizi, I'm sorry to describe your book only with that word. (But, I know, you have to pay me for promoting your book-this is how you teach me. No worries, I'll find the way to claim it from you). But, there is one thing that stopped my momentum-reading this book continuously that is far away greater than the fastest bullet train ever-and yet, they have to build another one to compete with my momentum.Yes, you have to.

Do you know, what stucked me? Do you know what stopped me? Do you know what prone me? Do you know what hesitate me? Do you know? Do you know? Again, my last question, do you know? Nah, you don't answer my question. Don't shaking. Don't trembling. Don't tell me that you have Parkinson's. I know you are lying. I could heard your heartbeat. Those Parkinson's patient are not nervous. Just tell me that you are too afraid to answer my question. Just tell me that you don't know. And, the problem will be settled. I will tell you. So, just tell me. Tell me. Oh man! I can't hear you. Argh, s*#%& on you! I'm not going to care 'bout you anymore. I'm gonna tell it straight away.

What? Oh, yes! You are wrong. It is a wisdom. Not just a wisdom. But, a wisdom. Cross out the word "JUST" in your head eventhough you are a Jordan-bound student who are going to be in your flight this Tuesday.(What I meant is not Jordan University of Science and Technology but, what Tok Guru called it as "haaaanyo"-not a Korean word, ok!). It is a wisdom! "What? A wisdom???" you asked me. I say, "Yes, a wisdom". It is from Albert. Oh, not from Albert Kwok but Albert Einstein.

It sounds,

"Hanya ada dua perkara yang tidak ada batasan, iaitu alam semesta dan kebodohan manusia. Dan, saya kurang pasti dengan yang pertama."

Or to be translated,

"There only two things with no limitation; universe and the stupidness of humanbeing. And, I'm not sure with the first one."

-Albert Einstein-

Oh man! He told that human being could be more stupid than any other creatures could, making Homo Sapiens as the stupidest organisms if there is a ranking of the top stupid creatures ever exist. Yeah, I know. I've watched Game Plan. The Rock's daughter, Peyton had told already, "Stupid is a mean word." But, it is not my fault after all. It is Einstein's.

He seems to be so confident that, stupidness of human being can be so great as the number could reach infinity. Yeah, in a simple words, stupidness of a human is infinity. And, he is not so confident with the universe that has no limitation. Yes, you're clever with that statement because in Islam, you are definitely right. And, not to forget, in Islam, Allah's power is also has no limitation. Nah Einstein, there is a mistake in your "wisdom".

So, there could be more mistake in his saying (or I'm gonna tell-lying). It is not my purpose to say that he is lying. Because, he is not. But, I'm asking you, do you want to be a part of his saying? If you say yes, you should not read this article from early. If you have reached this sentence, you want it or not, you have to say NO! Prove to Einstein, that he is not true. Eventhough we know that human's knowledge is limited-that's why he don't included in his saying. But, prove to him and more important-to yourself that he is babbling. As like as a little baby-who don't even know how to speak.

I know, I'm not smart too. I'm not clever too. Perhaps, the not-cleverest-and-smartest one. But, hey Einstein, my stupidness have limitation. You're wrong already!

This is a challenge for you and for me to prove that he is wrong, and I believe this could make us (I'm writing "us" not you, because I know-I'm the one should be adviced most) a better people with better knowledge but lower quality of stupidness! And, one day, when we reached at a certain level, we could say,

"Hey Einstein, you're not so clever! I'm not as you told!"

Doesn't it cool right to prove a brainiac is wrong? It just like a scientific process where the there is no right, but there is wrong. So, if you could prove that his saying is wrong, your statement is above his already. So, anybody would like to join me to against his statement?

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takcoollah.zuhair said... @ August 24, 2008 at 4:00 AM

hah.. never believe in that.

but i do believe in 1 fact [ i mean, 1 thoery] for sure :

" kebodohan dan kegeniusan itu sering berganti"

and yeah.

thomas edison really did prove it.

H2 said... @ August 24, 2008 at 5:44 AM


never listen to this-pakcik-tua-tak-reti-sikat-rambut...

let's switch to edison,sang lampu bilik aku...


when ones become genius, then, ones are no more stupid, and when one is stupid, ones is totally out of genius planet...

n, that's the spirit...

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