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*It has been forever since I updated my blog. So, I think I should give this guy some hope again for him to live. Thus this post, which actually been written more than 4 months ago - dated April 6th, but got stuck in dashboard page ever since, as.... I myself dont even know why. So, why don't I just publish it, right?

So ladies and gentleman, there you go...

Time is relative for anybody. Time is not a fixed unit. 10 minutes could be short for me watching movie, but could be long for u reading this post. Well, sound to me like more of a personal perception.

And this brings me to the question, on human nature. Human will never get enough of good times. 10 minutes being around hot girls for a guy, is unbelievably short but freakishly long to get beaten up. How is that happening? Is that because human mind is so occupied with physical factor, it tends to forget time factor? And, for a guy to get beaten up for 10 minutes, his brain just want to run away from the physical factor thus trying to concentrate on another factor - which leads the mind to focus on time factor? No?

If human will be able to travel through time, sounds like time is not something sacred anymore as u probably will be able to toy with them. They say, "time isn't waiting for you". By the day, time travel machine is built and in stores, you seriously need to thank Stephen Hawking, as u can laugh and mock time. It's going to be like a black South African freed themselves from apartheid. It's going to be like the day Japanese army kick Soviet ass out. It's like the day Japanese get out of Malaya because Hiroshima and Nagasaki been bombed.

To not have enough time is not a concern anymore! And when things aren't concerned, they wont be that important anymore!

We'll be the master of our time, not their slave! We own them, scientifically. But, will it be going to happen? Don't ask me!

But then, as time is more of like human personal perception, is it possible for time factor not to present in some places?Like reducing time factor to as small as possible that it almost equal to zero that it is almost do not exist? Like, get stuck in a time zone, but you get stuck real hard that time factor isn't there for you anymore.

Stephen Hawking on Time Travelt, "I do believe in time travel. Time travel to the future. Time flows like a river and it seems as if each of us is carried relentlessly along by time's current. But time is like a river in another way. It flows in different speed in different places and that is the key to the travelling into the future. The idea was first proposed by Albert Einstein over 100 years ago". And I say, how about we empty some part of the river from water and build concrete barriers and make a small room in the river and suck the water out of it. So that u can keep yourself dry even you're literally inside a river?

Goddammit! Just shove it off already. Merely random thoughts and questions of mine. And oh yeah, any answer to any of those questions are welcomed.

Oh wait, is that what we called eternity?

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